Club Hotels

Every passenger at the time of admission to the hotel, if you agree, you will be enrolled as a member of hotels and would enjoy advantages such as:

  • Discounts, specials that will be communicated in due course.
  • Gifts. Diverse in their visits to the hotel.
  • Preferential attention.
  • The passenger in his birthday enjoyed stay free!.
  • 10% discount for each passenger I sent, amount will be credited to your account, you can use them on their visits to our hotels.
  • If you send 10 pax, will stay free.


  • Reception with lobby entrance.
  • Restaurant for 100 people. With places to show.
  • Pizzeria at the People's Square. Village bakery in the morning.


  • Church or Masses for weddings or special events.
  • Main square area with sink and rested.
  • Seats in various streets.


  • Several typical streets with falls and lakes.
  • Gardens, forests and flowers around.
  • Internet throughout the hotel.